Benefits of AIBT Membership

  • INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: Inclusion in, and access to, the Bi-Annual AIBT Compensation Survey.
  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT:  Access to the Annual Nassau Conference.
  • DIRECT ACCESS: Regular Access to key Government Leaders, Regulators and Industry Associations.
  • UNIFIED CODE OF CONDUCT: Commitment to the Highest Professional Standards defined by our AIBT Code of Conduct.
  • SENIOR LEVEL REPRESENTATION:  Representation by Association Directors Drawn from Senior Industry Leaders at the forefront of the Sector.

AIBT works to develop the industry and its members by:

  • Providing a channel of communication to Government, Regulatory Authorities and Media
  • Promoting high standards in the Industry (through code of conduct)
  • Providing the Banking, Trusts and Investments industry with a Forum to debate issues as they arise
  • Sponsoring new legislation and amendments
  • Assisting Regulators with drafting and introduction of new guidelines as necessary
  • Sponsoring education initiatives including provision of speakers
  • Providing a contact point for visitors to the jurisdiction through office and web site
  • Supporting activities of other professional associations